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The Importance Of A DOT Physical

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CDL Physical and it’s importance

Driving a commercial vehicle can be dangerous. That is why all states require the completion of a DOT physical for drivers who are working for a truck driving or delivery business. If the employee is required to do a DOT examination, it is because those driving a vehicle that needs a special license most complete one of these examinations. In some states the exam is required of employees who are considered “Safety-Sensitive”. These employees may have a disability or a long history of car accident.

This examination is required by the Department of transportation. The guidelines of the examination are set by the FMCSA, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and are stringent. The examination helps protect the company when it comes to liability. It is mandatory because these jobs affect personal and public safety. These exams can feel overwhelming to the employee who is subject to one. It is better for him to have a simple understanding of how this examination is going to work before undergoing it.

A complete list of their medications most be provided by them to the medical examiner. Some drugs may affect the safety of the driver, passenger, and other people on the road due to their side effects. Sedating drugs can actually affect the safety of the driver do to their intended effect.

A Dot physical checks the employee’s vision. Those who drive must be able to read road signs to do it safely. Seeing the blinkers and other signals of the drivers on the road is also highly important. Having impaired vision may make it difficult for the driver to see obstacles on the road. Hearing is also checked to ensure safety.

Blood pressure is checked to ensure that there is a reduced likelihood of the driver having a medical emergency on the road. Low blood pressure, heart attacks and other cardiovascular system problems can result in a car wreck if the driver is incapacitated by them on the road.

A urinalysis is performed for two reasons. A driver who is on illegal substances carries a much higher risk of having an accident than a driver who isn’t. The urinalysis is also done to ensure that there are no medical conditions that can affect the ability of the driver to perform their function.

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Lots of other diseases are checked for during the physical examination. Some of these include limb impairments, breathing impairments, heart murmurs, and muscular degeneration. This examination is a lot more comprehensive than a traditional examination. While there are a lot of health problems that are checked for, having a positive result for one or a few of them does not disqualify the driver. The state does need to be aware of any physical disabilities.

It is important for the employee to be fully honest about their medical history before taking this exam. This is especially true when it comes to psych conditions. Psych conditions are hard to test for; however, the medication they are on can give it away. The best way to pass the test is through full honesty from the employee.